We welcome new membership applications at any time

For further details regarding membership, please visit us at:

56 St Michael’s Road

phone 01132757712


For access just ring the bell on the left hand side of the door and listen for a clicking sound that indicates the door is now open.

Our membership is renewable every October and depending in which part of the year you join will depend on the cost of your joining fee.

For example if you were to join between September 30th and December 31st the cost would be £16, If you joined between January 1st  and March 31st the cost would be £13.50, If you joined between April 1st and June 30th the cost would be £11 and If you Joined between July 1st and September 30th the cost would be £8.50.

You may choose to pay either the full balance up front and your card will be processed at the next membership meeting ready for you to pick up the following day or you can pay a £3 deposit and pay the remaining balance at the coming membership meeting.

The yearly membership is £10 renewable every October.

Entry is restricted to members and their guests only.  All Guests (maximum 2 per member/twice monthly) must be signed in by a member.

Applicants wishing to obtain membership should be aware that it is at the discretion of a committee member or when absent our club’s steward Ben Goulding.


  • vacant (President)
  • Phillip Owen (Chairman)
  • Les Cartman (Secretary)
  • Peter Kirk
  • Andrew Barclay
  • June Cordingley
  • Paul Marchant
  • John Bradbrook
  • Tony Stent
  • Alex Macgarvie (Treasurer)